Mineral water

Mineral water of Velingrad is recognized for its healing qualities outside Bulgaria. The salutary effect of the water has been know since times immemorial. Ancient Thracians who lived in Chepino valley in 5th century A.D., followed by Romans, used the mineral water of Velingrad. This is the place where Roman military commanders sent wounded soldiers to restore their health.

The swimming pools and the spa center of Grand hotel Velingrad use mineral water from Velingrad- Chepino estate. Chepino thermal springs have temperatures between 40 and 45 oC.

Velingrad is rich in thermal springs and occupies the first place among all spa resorts. Today mineral springs are a place to restore health, beauty and youth and a source of inspiring emotions and pure pleasure.

When used for drinking and prophylaxis the water has salutary effect in treating the following diseases: nephro-urological diseases, cholangio -hepatical diseases, gastro-duodenalis diseases, endocrinological diseases such as gout and diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic professional intoxications; used also to treat people exposed to toxic substances. The water is used for prevention of caries and osteoporosis as well.